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The ORIGINATOR of the  "pre-mixed" Paint Chip Repair and Paint Scratch Repair technology for the auto industry.

IMAC (established in 1989) Paint Chip Repair System has evolved over time into the simplest and easiest to learn paint chip repair process offered. Many companies have tried to copy our revolutionary new approach for paint chip repair and paint scratch repair service.

For the FIRST TIME you don't need expensive equipment, special vehicle or expensive training. IMAC's training is provided FREE in multiple formats, most often by simply viewing our 20 minute CD with free support... all from your location, i.e., No travel is required to get trained! With IMAC's paint chip repair and paint scratch repair system you can complete professional repairs in 30 minutes or less without paint codes or the complicated process of mixing paint colors! It's so simple to learn you can be making repairs within 1 hour. The more you do the faster and better you'll become.

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In one week, you can be VENDOR-FREE!

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