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How IMAC Works

How the IMAC System Works

It's as easy as 1...2...3 ! ! ! !


See the repair done, step by step and learn how it can make you money.


You won't believe how easy this system is to use. Throw out the paint mixing equipment, the complicated manuals, microfiche, electronic scales, paint codes, and hours of training... and replace them all with the new ready-to-use, be-a-pro-in-a-day IMAC PAINT CHIP REPAIR SYSTEM - it's unlike anything else you've seen!

Before: After:

One - CLEAN THE AREA (Wipe over the chips or scratched area with IMAC's prep solution). (15 Seconds)

Two - APPLY THE PAINT (All bottles are capped with "painted" lids and the clear glass bottles show the color inside) to match the color in the bottle for best viewing the rainbow of colors quickly. Visually select a pre-mixed color that matches the vehicles paint. Shading a color is simple (but not necessary usually) and explained in our Training CD and training manual. Apply the paint to chip (there are multiple ways we teach) and allow to dry. (apply with or without airbrush --multiple application methods are provided in our system. Air brush equipment is optional) (2 - 5 minutes)

Three - REMOVE EXCESS PAINT quickly; Shave off the excess paint (it is simple) using our tools and the Excess Paint Remover (EPR). IMAC developed this unique technique to remove the excess paint around the chip to leave a cleanly painted repair. Competitors have unsuccessfully tried to copy this process. (1 minute)

You're Finished! -

Total time to do an entire vehicle varies from 10-30 minutes depending on the number of chips or scratches! IMAC's systems provide you with the quality and the lowest internal cost available in the market.

Dealerships want:

  1. Quality
  2. Lowest cost possible

The beauty of the IMAC systems is:

  1. Quality (the best possible repair available)
  2. Lowest cost possible (due to the speed of delivery, our systems provide higher productivity)

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