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IMAC (est. 1989) provides Paint Chip and Scratch repair technology along with protected territories (if desired), and full training in the Automotive Paint Chip Repair Service...

A $2,000,000,000 market segment in the Auto Aftermarket industry.

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Since you love cars, and are searching for a unique, high gross margin market niche business opportunity, then spend time with us at IMAC discovering who we are, why we exist and what we offer you in the automotive market. We are a focused company with proven, successful models in our industry. Your timing couldn't be better as IMAC is now offering new opportunities in our industry and the competition is quite concerned. They have good reason to be, and the reason is simple. We provide a higher quality repair for less cost to our customer, faster training and higher revenues.null

PCR (Paint Chip Repair) is a fragmented market, desperately in need of "qualified" vendors. IMAC has lead the market in developing the repair service that is best suited for auto dealership demands. Having proven their unique technology introduced in1996 and refined over the past 5 years, IMAC now offers the Licensing Package to those who truly desire to work in the auto industry reaping the years IMAC has spent researching, testing and proving their successful marketing models and strategies. IMAC offers the protected territories required, full training, and complete equipment necessary to build a successful business in the PCR industry.

* This is an option for those that need or want this. It may be hard to imagine we would go out on a limb and offer this, but it is true. The reason: we are dead serious about our capabilities, technology, training and your success with our systems. If you meet our criteria, are willing to be trained, do what we teach you everyday in the field, and are willing to work hard...then we will guarantee this without any reservations. We are not accepting just anyone into this option. If you don't meet our revenue expectation after 1 year, we will refund 50% of your investment. NO OTHER COMPANY IN OUR INDUSTRY OFFERS SUCH A GUARANTEE. They won't nor can they make this offer.


Our industry is repairing paint chips/scratches on vehicles surface performed on auto dealership lots. These paint chips are the problem that has created the opportunity. This opportunity represents a $2,000,000,000 service segment in the used car industry. Auto dealerships want this problem repaired by qualified providers of this service for many reason, one major reason in particular. To increase their sales! IMAC Licensee's are qualified and can outperform the competition by providing:

  • a superior repair - better quality
  • faster service time
  • lower cost for the repair to the dealership
  • higher daily production (increase revenues)
  • better service
  • all without moving the vehicle.


With the proven technology of IMAC, this repair took 20 minutes to complete, generating $55 in revenues. Cost of materials: $2 total. Gross Profit: $53.00*


See the repair done, step by step and learn how it can make you money.


NOTE: We do NOT offer Paintless Dent Repair, body shop type work, or any other services. Our focus, (and this is why we can make you very successful) is what the market demands...Paint Chip and Scratch Repair.

* IMAC will train you in all aspects of this business (in one of two USA locations (or training at your location if preferred), assist in opening accounts in your area (if desired), provide operational training (setting up your business from the basics to the specifics, including all accounting aspects of billing, invoicing, collection, etc), on-going telephone and email support.

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