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The amount of work is increasing annually!! Paint chips are more common today than ever. NO manufactures are immune from this extremely common problem. The reasons are:

  • The durability of the paint finish has decreased due to changes in paint formulations to better meet environmental regulations.
  • The thickness of the paint applied to vehicles is less.
  • The aerodynamics of vehicles is affecting this condition.


A business opportunity that is increasing in demand for this service to auto dealerships. As an IMAC Licensee you will be trained and equipped with our proven technology and the experience of our successful operators/trainers with on-going support.


  Fact: There are over 18,000 Franchised Dealerships in the USA, over 60,000 used car dealerships and thousands of Rental agencies wanting PCR service.
  Fact: 15,000,000 new cars were sold in 2010.
  Fact: Over 95% of all used cars have paint chips, to some degree or another.
  Fact: 39,000,000 used cars sold in 2010 in the USA, a 9% increase from 2009.
  Fact: 50% of used cars sell from Franchised Auto Dealership facilities.
  Fact: It is estimated that only 20% of the PCR market is currently being serviced
  Fact: Most dealerships do not want the car to be moved from their facility.
  Fact: Dealerships want the service done on a regular basis (daily or weekly) by our Licensee's.
  Fact: Most Dealerships prefer not to have a body shop repairing minor paint chips and scratches. Their service is too expensive and color match/overspray is a common problem. Likewise, body shops do not want to do this work because it is too minor for their interest.


The Automotive Paint Chip Repair industry is a unique market niche. Today, this market represents a $2 billon industry, yet this market is being poorly serviced with old technology and slow methods, except with IMAC Licensees. In 2008, over 39,000,00 used vehicles sold and an additional 15,000,000 new cars. Of these used cars sold, 50% were sold from Franchised Auto Dealerships...our customer base. There are over 18,000 Franchised auto dealership, 60,000 used car dealerships, and thousands of rental companies. Less than 20% of the market is being serviced at this time. It only takes 10-15 dealerships to generate a significant income with an IMAC License. Our Licenses offer 20 dealerships per Operators License Territory. Larger territories are available for those desiring such opportunities.

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